If you are a beer fan and you wish to diversify your feelings by unexpected and absolutely amazing refreshing fruity finish, we will certainly advise you Belgian cherry beer Kriek.


Cherry beer Kriek is a variety of Belgian beer Lambic, famous for its ancient brewing traditions. The name of Lambic was received by the beer from old Belgian town Lembeek. The word Kriek comes from the name of the variety of dark red cherries.

The formula of beer making from cherry dates back to the time of crusades. The legend says that a crusader, having retuned from a crusade decided to make beer reminding of the blood of Christ. To that end, he added dried cherry into the beer. Since that, a drink with a taste of cherry and a delicate aroma of almond has become extremely popular in Belgium and then all over Europe.

According to old-time recipes, Belgian brewers use dried cherry today as well, adding it into beer before final fermentation. The ratio of cherry juice in beer is about 30%. The drink gets deep rich colour. Before serving, the already brewed beer is aged for 2 to 3 months.

More recently, one more fruity type of Lambic was made in Belgium: a drink of sunny-yellow colour with a peach taste and a mild aroma — Lambic Peche. By the way, if you use raspberries instead of cherry, you will get a wonderful Belgian beer Frambozen.

When you are a guest of our Belgian beer restaurant, the Brasserie Lambic, certainly order Belgian cherry beer Kriek.

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