We opened a new Lambic on Akademicheskaya

We are launched the 12th Brasserie Lambic restaurant in a row!

It is located near the Akademicheskaya metro station opposite the state Darwin Museum, in a two-story building on 5A Dmitry Ulyanov street. The interior is designed in the style of a classic Brasserie, which our guests have loved for 10 years of the chain's existence. In the bar you can taste 20 varieties of draft beer from leading european breweries, and about 160 varieties of bottled beer from our Beer Atlas. The menu includes all the Lambic hits-belgian potato waffles with various fillers, live mussels in sauces, a large grill section and others.

On weekdays from 12 to 16 we prepare hearty business lunches from 500 rubles. The new Brasserie Lambic will have two summer verandas, on the street at the entrance to the restaurant and on the roof.

Table reservations: +7 (495) 432-09-90 or using the booking form on the website. The restaurant offers free parking for restaurant guests

Working hours:
Mon-Sun from 12: 00 to 23: 00
Welcome to visit!

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