Brasserie Lambic x Lambic Seafood Collaboration

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Especially for the new seasonal menu the chefs of Brasserie Lambic and Lambic Seafood have united and created 9 dishes.

Lambic Seafood is our new seafood gastrobar in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane, near Pushkinskaya metro. The menu consists exclusively of fish and seafood dishes and the Far East delicacies such as oysters, scallops and sea urchins are a hit.


One half of the menu features meat and poultry dishes from the Brasserie Lambic team:

— Duck breast with Kenyan beans, eggplant mousse and perigue sauce.

— Filet mignon with baked yams and morels.

— Gedza with lamb and meat sauce Zhu.

— Chicken pâté with pistachio, spiced pear and ciabatta.


And the other half of the menu features dishes designed by Chef Lambic Seafood in the style of his restaurant:

— Hand rolls with tuna with truffle sauce and tobiko caviar.

— Halibut in green curry with broccoli puree, green peas and edamame beans.

— Grilled scallops with poultitime paste, cauliflower mousse and cream sauce with foie gras.

— Halibut and avocado gazpacho.


Lambic sommelier Diana Dvoretskaya came up with light summer cocktails and lemonades to go perfectly with the novelties!

We are looking forward to the novelties at Lambic!

Date: 05 June
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Chanterelle season at Lambic!

Chanterelle season at Lambic!

We opened the long-awaited season of chanterelles at Brasserie Lambic! Try 5 author’s dishes with chanterelles in the main roles: summer vegetables salad, Belgian potato waffles with truffle cream, creamy risotto with beef brisket and pasta casareche. We have not forgotten about the invariable hit of every summer — fried potatoes with chanterelles and cottage cheese cream — a big recommendation from the whole Lambic team! We also recommend the kataifi dough millefeuille with seasonal berries and fruits. It doesn’t have chanterelles in it, but it’s delicious too! As drinks we can safely take sangria on white or red wine and cocktails: blueberry-violet with gin or peach-jasmine with rum. Combine with chanterelles on the sunny verandas of Lambic!

11 July 2024

Broadcasts of the European Championships 2024 in Lambic

Broadcasts of the European Championships 2024 in Lambic

Schedule of the nearest broadcasts of the matches of the European Championship-2024 in Lambic restaurants:  Jule 14  Sunday 22:00. Football. European Championship-2024. Final. Spain — England Restaurants where the broadcasts will take place: ul. Myasnitskaya, 40A ul. Dolgorukovskaya, 19c7 ul. Neverovskogo, 10c6 Prospekt Mira, 26c7 ul. Bolshaya Ordynka, 65 Strastnoy boulevard, 7c1 Gogolevsky boulevard, 33/1 Turchaninov lane, 3c5 ul. Dmitriy Ulyanov, 5A Khodynsky boulevard, 2 ul. Krasnoproletarskaya, 16c2 ul. Krasina, 7c1 ul. Shabolovka, 19   When reserving tables, be sure to let us know if you want to watch the broadcast, we will find the most comfortable seats for you. See you at the matches at Lambic!  

11 June 2024